Observing Your Own Backyard

Two years ago, a robin nested in the pine tree outside our back porch. I would sit with my daughter in the back yard and listen to the babies cheep and watch as the mother bird came to feed them. She rarely flew directly to the nest. From the bushes in the back, she would fly up into the ash tree, hop through it and then to the pine tree. If we didn’t watch closely, we would lose track of her before she arrived at the nest.

To satisfy our curiosity, I helped my daughter climb onto the roof of the porch. From there, we were the same level as the nest, but far enough away to observe without disturbing. The nest appeared empty until mom came near. Then we could see three tiny heads pop up, mouth gaping and cheeping wildly.

It is an amazing experience to watch new life and share the natural world with children. These moments of quiet observation build an appreciation for the natural world around us.

If you are curious to learn more, Journey North offers a great deal of information about the American Robin, including lesson plans which can easily be adapted to your child.

Rebecca of Little Homeschool on the Prairie also shares her family’s experiences with nestlings in their back yard this year.

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