Bird species and identification

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Identifying birds

If you are going to be an expert backyard birder, and get the most from your hobby, then you will need to be able to identify the different bird species that visit your yard.

If you follow the guides and advice on this site then you will hopefully have lots of different kinds of birds visiting you. Some of these will be common birds that are easy to identify but sometimes you will get more uncommon visitors that you might not recognise immediately, and this is where your bird identification skills come in.

The series of articles below will guide you on how to identify the different backyard bird species you get visiting you. They’ll also provide information on their behavior and characteristics such as what they eat, their mating habits, etc. and will set you well on the way to becoming a knowledgeable birder.

So please enjoy reading our series of articles on bird species and identification and we are sure that in no time at all you will have learned how to identify birds like the experts do, then you can fully appreciate the feathered friends who frequent your yard.

Articles on bird species and identification