Fly through bird feeders

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Fly through bird feeders are a type of platform bird feeder with an open wooden (though sometimes metal or ceramic) frame.

You can get them in a large range of different styles, from those with plain apex roofs through modern metal feeders to elaborate gazebo-type designs. So whatever your taste, you’re sure to be able to find a feeder that matches it.

Advantages of fly through bird feeders

Fly through bird feeders have a number of advantages over other types when it comes to backyard birding:

  • If you want to attract as wide a variety of wild birds as possible then they’re one of the best options. You’ll find your fly through feeder will encourage visits from both perch feeders and also ground feeders.
  • They attract the shyest of birds too.
  • Observing the birds on the platform is easy.
  • Fly through bird feeders are also the easiest type of feeder to put up and fill. They simply sit on a pedestal or you mount them on a bird feeder pole. To put out the seed or food, all you need to do is simply place it on the platform and that’s it – job done! So they’re ideal feeders for novice birders.
  • Because of the wide range of designs on the market, it’s easy to find a feeder that blends well with the style and tone of your yard.

Disadvantages of fly through bird feeders

The main drawback of fly through bird feeders is that they’re open. They’re susceptible to weather damage and they’re accessible to larger birds who may dominate and scare away any smaller birds.

In addition, they’re very easily accessible for squirrels and other rodents and predators although there are ways of dealing with this.