Four Tips For Successful Bird Feeding

4 bird feeding tips - have more success with your bird feeding

Watching birds is one of the most popular pastimes all around the world, and one endeavor that can really improve your ornithological experience is bringing your avian friends to visit you in your own backyard. In order to accomplish this, however, you’ll have to offer an incentive in the form of food. 4 Bird Feeding … Read more

Keep Unwanted Visitors Away From Your Feeders

How to keep unwanted visitors away from your bird feeders

There are some birds you may not want visiting your bird feeders. For example, there are some non-native birds such as starlings that are invasive. And then there are the bullies such as the grackle and the blackbird which frighten off other species and eat all your food. Here’s a few tips on how you … Read more

The many benefits of bird feeding

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For some time, bird watching has been among the top hobbies of people worldwide, and especially in America, where a vast variety of birds make their homes in backyards and public places. Clearly, giving the local avifauna an incentive to visit you at home can provide you with an excellent vantage point of natural winged … Read more