Getting Ready For Fall Bird Feeding

Fall Bird Feeding

Labor Day has long been a signal to Americans to begin preparing for fall. Many people are also seasonal bird feeders, and thus will be putting out feeders soon to help their feathered friends make it through the winter or prepare for migration. In the natural world, fall brings bounty. It can be difficult to … Read more

Enjoying The Raptor Migration

Raptor Migration

Although some species of raptors can end up being a pest at your feeders, nonetheless they are amazing birds to watch. One of the most exhilarating and exciting experiences I have ever had during my backyard birding was the day that a red tailed hawk decided to visit our yard. Every fall, these magnificent birds migrate south … Read more

Observing Your Own Backyard

Observe Backyard

Two years ago, a robin nested in the pine tree outside our back porch. I would sit with my daughter in the back yard and listen to the babies cheep and watch as the mother bird came to feed them. She rarely flew directly to the nest. From the bushes in the back, she would … Read more

Bird Expert Clark Moore Dies

Tehachapi birder Clark Moore died May 19 of a heart attack. Known for starting the Tehachapi Mountains Birding Club in 1998, raising awareness of the diversity of local bird species, and an undying commitment to community service, Moore spent his life devoted to birds. Where did this story begin? At home, in his own backyard. … Read more