Bird House Mistakes – Why Are My Bird Houses Empty?

Bird House Mistakes - Why Are My Bird Houses Empty?

Bird houses are a great way to attract more birds to your yard. And to any birding enthusiast, one of life’s great pleasures is watching a pair of birds move into a bird house they’ve put up and produce a family. Equally though, it can be frustrating to see your bird house remain empty year … Read more

Fascinating Bird Facts

Fascinating And Fun Bird Facts

Just sitting and watching the birds in your back yard is fascinating and captivating. And birds really are interesting creatures, even more so than you may realize. So here’s a collection of fascinating and fun bird facts for you… Fun Bird Facts There are nearly 10,000 different bird species in the world. The biggest bird in … Read more

Take The Time To Relax And Bird Watch

Relax And Bird Watch

Nature is a wonderful and amazing thing. And birds are a part of nature that everybody can enjoy and relate to. There’s so much variety to see, if only we would stop and actually take a look around. And our backyard is the perfect place to do just that. Most of our backyards are accessible … Read more

The Beautiful Kite Bird

Red Kite Bird

The kite bird is a small hawklike bird found in many parts of the world, including the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia. The birds live primarily in woods and marshes and eat snakes, insects, small mammals, and snails.

Fun Mourning Dove Facts

Fun Mourning Dove Facts

The mourning dove is a small dove that’s one of the most common birds in North America. They can be found in southern Canada and in nearly all of the U.S.A. Here are a few interesting and fun mourning dove facts: Mourning Dove Facts Mourning doves store seeds they collect from the ground in their … Read more